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We start the process by gathering some basic information about you to securely identify you

Select the data

Next, you will select the personal data that you want to delete from the web and receive a list of sources to delete it from

Permanent data removal

Our team will use advanced search algorithms to scan the web for your data and delete it once found

Protect your online presence

Data leaks occur every month and can be a serious risk to your personal data. Even if you think your data is safe, it can easily be exposed. From account details to medical records to financial information, no facet of your privacy is off-limits.

Why is it important to get deleted from Google?

Every day millions of people put personal information online, and when these data get leaked, it can lead to serious issues

Data leaks can reveal your online browsing and search histories, which can lead to privacy issues and embarrassment

Data leaks can lead to the release of sensitive data, such as passwords, banking information, and other personal information, potentially leading to identity fraud or malicious activities.

Why choose Librebeat

Easy and hassle-free

We guide you through the essential documents, and submit them for you

You simply submit your documents with us online

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Automate routine tasks and provide fast, accurate responses & reduce the need for human staff and improve overall efficiency.